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Order a property's Land Title, Title Plan, Strata Plan, Instrument and / or other registered documents for any property in Australia and New Zealand.

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Type of Searches and Key Features
Key Features Land Titles (Land Registers or Title Certificates)
Key Features Title Plans
Key Features
Old Deeds or Instruments
Key Features Owners of Land with no postal address
Key Features Boundary Searches
Key Features Rights of Way and Rights of Access Searches
Key Features Copy Planning & Building Regulation Certificates
Key Features History and Heritage details
Key Features Land Tax Certificates
Key Features Water and Sewage details
Key Features Crown Land Registers
We are the leading internet supplier of Land Title Deeds and Documents
We are the only supplier of Land Titles and Title Plans internationally. Land Titles disclose the names and addresses of the owners of property, boundaries, purchase price, covenants, mortgages and rights of way.
Complete and comprehensive service
We provide a full range of Land Title services and are able to do so throughout the whole of Australia and New Zealand, including Christmas island, Keeling Islands and Norfolk Island.
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